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Anonymous asked: What sort of personality traits would a humanized form of a season be like? (Human traits of autumn, fall, summer, winter)


For the northern hemisphere:


  • Death/End: I know this seems like it would fit in winter, but a lot of cultures associate late fall with death and dying. This can translate into a personality of a person who puts an end to things. They might have a knack of “getting the last laugh” or they might be able to settle disputes.
  • Change: Nature changes in the fall, but it goes from life to death. A character who is supposed to be fall should go through a lot of change. This will probably be negative change while spring change would be positive.
  • Open: The leaves fall off most trees in the fall. This leaves the trees bare. Characters who are bare are easily read and are not good at hiding secrets, thoughts, feelings, and back story. The reveal of themselves will be involuntary.
  • Closed: Alternatively, leaves falling off trees can translate into characters being open at the beginning (with lots of leaves), but then closing themselves off and stripping themselves of everything important to them by losing these leaves.
  • Warm: Depending on the region, fall can be full of warm colors. A warm character is one who is kind and open to others. They make other people feel safe and god.
  • Dull: Although there are lots of colors in fall, they tend to be neutral, dull colors. A dull character can still be interesting to the reader, but they won’t be interesting to other characters.


  • Cold: This one is obvious. Cold characters are people who set other people off or who have a frightening demeanor.
  • Biting: Frost bite occurs when it’s cold. A biting character is someone who nips and nags at other people. They work fast and can be witty.
  • Sharp: There’s just something about winter that makes it seem sophisticated and sharp (probably the ice?). Sharp characters know what to say, what to wear, and how to behave.
  • Introverted: Self-explanatory.
  • Never Goes Away: Just when you think snow, ice, and cold is gone, it comes back. Sometimes it’ll hail in the summer because winter just never goes away. This type of character is always pushing themselves into the lives of other people and making a place for themselves in places they don’t belong.


  • Regrowth: Spring is a time for birth and rebirth. These characters might have gone through a recent transformation or might bring new light, ideas, and hope to others.
  • Change: Spring is a season that changes a lot. If your character is Spring, they’ll probably go through a lot of character development. This change might go from negative to positive.
  • Innocence: This trait is often associated with spring.
  • Optimistic: The change that spring goes through is positive because it’s all about new life and new things. Optimistic characters always look ahead with good intentions and believe that something good can come out of the worst situations.
  • Flooding: Rain is common in the spring and with that comes floods. Characters who are flooding may talk too much, be over emotional, or may over-do something. They override other characters.
  • Nurturing: Spring is associated with love, fertility, and lust. A nurturing character is caring of other people, heals them, and supports them.
  • Youthful: Again, with birth and rebirth, spring is young. It is a fresh start and represents youth. Your character does not have to be young, but they can act young or have a youthful demeanor.


  • Lively: Summer is when everything is done growing and lush with life. Lively characters can be loud, optimistic, caring, happy, jolly, colorful, exciting, and energetic.
  • Dried Up: This can go two ways. Sometimes, summer can be so dry and hot that it kills nature. This type of character might run people dry, tire them, drain them of emotion, or otherwise affect them negatively. The other way would be this character being too dried up in the same way.
  • Calm, but Deadly: Most summers are calm in terms of weather with the occasional hurricane, thunderstorm, or other storm. Calm but deadly characters are able to control themselves most of the time, but if something sets them off there is nothing you can do to suppress their emotions or actions.
  • Extroverted: Self-explanatory.

Flip spring and fall, and summer and winter for the southern hemisphere.

For more personality traits, look at mythical creatures and mythologies associated with seasons (like Jack Frost) and look at their personalities or abilities.

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Sweden’s 25 Provinces from North to South

amen to the one who did this!

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the anti vaccination movement basically consists of random people with no knowledge of medicine going “I can medicine better than doctors” and it would be hilarious if it wasn’t literally killing people

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i want to force like 75% of male nerddom to watch this conversation

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That was terribly rude, Miss Lounds.”

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*makes last minute adjustments to life goals*


*makes last minute adjustments to life goals*

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